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HHO Conversion Kit For Diesel Trucks

Designed to supplement diesel fuel for 10 liter to 24 liter trucks
Water Fuel Gas Output: up to 20 Liters/Minute @ 2bar pressure.
Dimensions: 14” deep X 8 ¾” wide X 15” tall PLUS HHO Fuel Cell 10" OD X 12" tall
Mounting: Recommended: Lockable, water resistant aluminum housing generally located just behind the cab. HHO hose securely mounts to air intake.
Electrolyte: 15 gram NaOh in distilled water with 1oz Orgone water activator. Ordinary tap water is OK but not recommended. Minerals in tap water will eventually clog the plates reducing performance.
Application: On-demand self-generated water fuel gas mileage boost system for diesel engines from 10 liters up to 24 liters engine size. Examples: 18 wheelers, cargo vans, marine diesels, farm tractors, earth moving equipment, bull dozers, diesel generators, home heating. This unit produces a water fuel gas with 9 times more energy by volume than HHO. It can also be used to produce fuel to make steam using our Aphoid Boiler. Larger Fuel Cells can produce steam for up to 2 mw steam engines.
Components Included:
* Temp sensor automatically applies heat as needed to prevent freezing of water.
* Bubbler with blow-off fitting. Safety device protects against flashback from engine backfire.
* Water reservoir tank with automatic low fluid level sensor and feed.
* Proprietary Smart Pulse Width Modulator with digital display and control knobs. Mounts in cab and permits driver to monitor temperature of electrolyte, HHO pressure, water level of electrolyte, amperage drawn and low water alarm. Driver can increase or decrease HHO output and set HHO generator output (HHO volume) by engine operation from idle to any predetermined mean average cruising RPM. $995

* Wiring and hoses, heavy duty relay and fuse
* OPTIONAL: Custom, weather proof, lockable aluminum case for generator. (not shown) $395
* OPTIONAL: Ionized air/exhaust gas recirculation injection. This gas processor modifies the Water Fuel Gas for cooler and slower hydrogen burn rate. Increases torque and engine runs cleaner. Prolongs engine life. $1295
WHY CHOOSE THE SynergyH-1 Clean Fuel System?
The Most Advanced Hydroxyl Gas Technology results in higher fuel mileage gains than competitor’s systems with superior reliability and extended engine life. Long haul truckers report from 35%,50% or better increase in miles per gallon. The T-2 gas has no effect on emission control sensors or computer. The gas burns like regular diesel but vastly more efficient. Since no modification of the emission controls is needed installation is a breeze for any truck mechanic. Also, this means that the T-2 should not violate any Environmental regulations. You could remove ALL the emission control equipment and your truck would still have 90% cleaner exhaust than new engines with all emissions equipment intact. NOTE: We do not recommend this - you could be breaking the law! Diesel prices are creeping upward so the value of our system will only increase with time.
No other fuel mileage booster system has a better, more efficient water fuel cell interface. Our Smart CCPWM permits the driver to monitor all aspects of the fuel cell and to control operation from the cab. The driver can preset the supplement fuel gas output for various conditions including idling, cruise and load (hills) for maximum torque and power.

We have the most advanced circuit design on the market that consumes less of your truck’s electrical energy. That means less wear and tear and drag on the alternator and the truck’s electrical system. Our system generates more Brown’s gas while consuming far less current. That means that the alternator doesn't require as much horsepower to produce the catalytic Water Fuel Gas. This converts directly into better fuel economy.

Extremely rugged construction of aluminum and stainless steel is designed to handle over the road vibration and severe service encountered by trucks on subpar highways.
The cost of the SynergyH-1 Clean Fuel System is $7500
The cost of all available options is $1285
Total Cost for a fully optioned SynergyH-1 Clean Fuel system is $8785.00

PAYMENT via wire transfer or via approved lease.
Installation costs $500.00 plus transportation, food and lodging if we send a mechanic to your garage. Or, visit our garage on Route 1 in Wiscasset, Maine or in Sparks, Nevada. If your mechanic comes to us for the installation we will train him or her free. We also have a certified Diesel Mechanic Installer to install your new system in Sparks, Nevada. After you order we will connect you to the installation location of your choice.
MY OFFER: Order 2 to 10 units up to a maximum of 100 for just $4500.00 ea. cash in advance via wire transfer or via 24 month approved lease with a $1 lease-end buyout and receive all options and free installation for up to two trucks. Deduct an additional 10% when you order from 25 up to 100 units.

NOTE: This offer is limited to a maximum of 100 units because each system is manufactured right here in Maine to exacting quality standards. We refuse to export jobs to China or Mexico! So, we seek moderate growth right here in Maine. That said, once your initial order has been fulfilled, if you are pleased with the fuel mileage gains and quality of our product, we will work out a schedule with your company to install the H-1 on as many trucks as you wish.

My offer may be withdrawn at any time once we have reached our maximum initial manufacturing capacity. I’ve included a copy of the Lease application form. If you prefer to pay cash simply fill out the form but mark CASH on the top and send your company check, cashier’s check or bank check to Powergate Technologies, LLC. 4 Mills Road PMB #104 Newcastle, Maine 04553 USA
Give me a call if you have any questions and I look forward to saving you lots of money in 2017! 207-315-0315

NEW! Ninja ZPE Dual Cell Fuel Supplement System For Pickup Trucks

Our breakthrough design boosts fuel mileage up to 70% on V-8 pickup trucks. Nitroxyl gas output is rated at 2 liters per minute @ 550 watts. Your vehicle only requires 1/4 liter of our gas per liter of engine size due to the quality and type of the gas this unit produces. The new Dual Cell Ninja works great on both gasoline and diesel engines. Customers report up to 70% increase in fuel mileage with more power and torque and a smoother running engine.

The complete Ninja System includes everything you need to start getting as much as 70% more miles per gallon:

• Ninja ZPE Dual Cell, plus the following:
• ZPE Bubbler - Energizes the gas for up to 3X more energy output.
• Regular bubbler. Prevents flashback damage.
• Wiring harness with relay
• Smart Pulse Width Modulator. You can set the amps to achieve the best fuel mileage under different throttle positions and load. You can monitor and adjust your Ninja Water Fuel Cell on the fly from within the cab of your truck. The Smart PWM also includes circuitry for a low water level/autofill system. Call to order: 207-315-0315

Save $500! Limited time introductory price is just $1495.00 + $42 S&H within domestic United States.
Hydrogen Fueled Power Generators 25kw to 16 mw

100% Hydrogen Fueled Electric Generators. Now Available.

These fine Generators are shipped with Sound proof covers for quiet operation and weather protection.

These Generators arrive ready to start - just connect hydrogen tanks.

These Hydrogen Only Fueled Generators can also have Hydrogen Fuel makers fitted to make fuel on demand as follows. We have 70-80% Fuel Supplementation.

We Need Experienced Dealers To Resell these exciting new products.

Ideal as back up power, community power, Marine Engines and marine generators, Industrial and Farm Applications.

100% Hydrogen Generators and engines
For your Reference and Resale.
Hydrogen Generator 100%

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NEW! Hydrogen fueled Turbine Generators Up To 16 mw :

16mw 100% Hydrogen Powered Turbine Generator for farms, communities, industrial and backup power. Our converted diesel engines can produce from 25kw to 16 megawatt power using our new gas turbine. Not enough? Need to power up an entire village? Contact us.

  • 25KW $17,380
  • 50KW $24,860
  • 75KW $32,450
  • 100KW $42,350
  • 230KW $108,530
  • 300KW $214,852
  • 500KW $369,050
  • 800KW $419,452
  • 1 MW $502,260

Prices FOB Hong Kong /Thailand Shipping is by Packed Flat Pallet

Hydrogen Storage Tanks Sold Separate

Want to join 2, 4 or 6 generators together for community power?

We have the Synchronous Parallel Controllers $2800

Prices FOB Hong Kong /Thailand Shipping is by Sea

Payment is TT

and Shipping is within 5 Day Dispatch

Q& A

Sea shipping usually 30 days
can be 15 depends on the carrier we advise air way etc at loading to follow ship schedule.

50Kw Gen Set. can put in spare water pump and gaskets for heat etc yes, sure, heat exchanger can be equipped.

startup process and a list of anything that I need for start up?

Just connect to hydrogen pipe and switch on.

Please send specifications for the tanks

Just hydrogen purity above 94% and pressure 0.1-0.4Mpa compressed tank

What is the warranty on the complete generator set? 2years
For a 50Kw unit, how many liters will be produced to run the engine?
saw doc can you type it in email so clear to read.
0.3cubic meter per hour for the 100% hydrogen type .
1. What is your max production at what amps and voltage?

The Engine runs from Tanks, at 5 litre per minute or m3 0.3/hr per h 96%purity for 50 kw as a bench mark. 6 ltr engine.

The Generator does 50,000 watt/hr or 50 kw. 110-240


We are proud to bring these High Quality Hydrogen Fuel Makers

to the market Globally. These titanium split gas pure hydrogen production units are used to supply supplemental fuel to diesel, gasoline or propane engines.

These are safe and require no tanks. They make fuel on demand from the generators alternator power. For a Engine install or Generator sales Organization this are fantastic product to introduce to your clients.

These Fuel makers with provide a excellent way to return profits to your sales channels. and give good reason to visit clients and open new opportunities with them. These Supplemental Fuel Makers in a standard kit will supplement diesel or gasoline 20-35% and can go as high as 45% with simple 30 minute installation.

Not only do they supplement fuel consumption and lower cost for the client.

but they reduce harmful emissions and totally clean up engines.

We invite you to open a conversation to join us as a dealer for these fine world changing products.

These Fuel Maker Make Pure Hydrogen and so they can fill tanks and connect directly to fuel rail to supplement on hydrogen only engines and electric generators.

They work from 24 volt 4 amps per cell and can run from 110-240 or from the generator alternator. We have adapters for that and also for

12 volt dc to 24 volt dc.

A popular method right now is to connect them to solar

on 24volt or 36-48 volt to produce hydrogen from sunlight.

Here is some of our work here we are doing on the self fueling 24 volt 4 amp split gas Titanium Fuel Maker units that run 24 hrs. with a output of 1.2 lite per minute each.

Self production fuel supplementation For the Hydrogen Only Generator

Here are the current prep tests we are doing for the direct Hydrogen Generator Fuel line supplementation project with you. We have small compressor units being made at this time also.

Fuel Make Unit test each cell Achieved 24 v 4 amps 24 hour running

2 .5 Bar 43.50 PSI a 6 litre Hydrogen Engine needs 20 psi . So we can run the cell in series 6 – 10 cells MAJOR ADVANCE FOR THE INDUSTRY

Uni Tech Test video 1

Uni Tech Test Video 2


We tested up to 2.5 Bar which is 43.50 PSI

Cell perfect – no leaks 24 v 4 amps 1 liter per minute pure H 24 hr running spec as we have controller volt from generator alternator or from mains or from battery solar.

Research and Development: New Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Engine

David Davies invented a unique trilobe crankshaft that works with one-piece, horizontally opposed pistons. The advantage is that very high compression ratios can be used with hydrogen/oxygen gas.

The higher the compression ratio the more efficient the combustion resulting in higher fuel mileage. That is why diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines since the diesel is built to handle up to 19 to 1 compression ratios.

Davies’ unique trilobe crankshaft permits each pair of pistons to have three power impulses per revolution. Since his design uses three pairs of pistons (six cylinders) that means there are NINE POWER IMPULSES PER REVOLUTION!

Combustion of hydrogen and oxygen at the stoichiometric ratio results in high temperature steam that expands 1700 times in the cylinder and then implodes and cools by the end of the power stroke.

The result is an engine that runs smoothly and with extremely high torque virtually eliminating the need for a transmission. The combustion of hydrogen and oxygen results in water vapor with zero harmful emissions. The fuel, which is originally water prior to being broken into hydrogen and oxygen, is never consumed but returns to nature to be endlessly recycled.

Needless to say, the continued use of fossil based hydrocarbon fuels based on oil, like gasoline and diesel fuel, is a barbaric use of the earth’s resources causing atmospheric pollution and global warming. Virtually all of the wars we are seeing today and for the past 100 + years are based on country’s maneuvering to gain control of energy resources, which is oil.

If you would prefer to live in a more peaceful world with less pollution I urge you to support development of Mr. Davies engine design. Investor inquiries are welcome. Currently, we are accepting serious inquiries who wish to be placed on a waiting list for the Davies Hydrogen Engine.

As an alternative to wind and photo-voltaic power generation, this new efficient hydrogen powered engine makes perfect sense to produce your own electrical power:

  • The Davies engine can run 24/7 regardless of wind, weather or time of day to produce a reliable source of power.
  • It is not affected by location as the fuel is gaseous.
  • Does not require a costly structure or unsightly towers exterior of the home.
  • Does not require permits that add to the cost and procedures.
  • Is an internal combustion steam engine that runs almost silently and without pollution.
  • Does not adversely affect insurance rates.
  • Is not subject to damage from storms vs solar panels that can easily be destroyed.
  • Runs on the gases composing water so fuel is readily available.
  • You can produce your own hydrogen & oxygen fuel anywhere using our proven hydrogen generation systems.
  • Is totally pollution free and the fuel (water) is recycled and never destroyed.
  • Can be scaled in size to power vehicles all the way up to powering villages.
  • Is far less costly to manufacture than conventional ICE engines.
  • Can provide excess power that can be sold to the grid for a profit in certain localities.

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Call David Davies, at 207-315-0315 to get on the waiting list for the Davies Hydrogen Power System


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