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The future, your future and the future of mankind is limited only by our ability to visualize beyond the status quo. To see outside the box.

Governments and many cultures are fear based and people who are fear based fear change. Oil companies fear free energy technology. Governments fear populations of intelligent, independent thinking people that embrace change. Governments fear empowered people who embrace the advancement of humanity.

DTP Club is a private club for bold inventors, investors, creators, builders and freedom seekers. This is the "safe" place where people can exchange their ideas, inventions, and solutions to the many problems besetting humanity.

Those who have joined DTP Club can contribute to the success of the Club with their manufacturing skills, marketing and sales skills, creative/inventing talents and whatever else they bring to the Club.

In return, paid Club Members share in the financial success of the Club.
If you are not a fear-based individual and you approve of the purpose of DTP Club this forum is for you.
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  • Over Unity Electricity Generation
    The phrase "over-unity" implies that more energy is released in the form of electricity than was required to produce the electricity.

    In reality, energy can be transformed from one form like heat to another form like electric current. The confusion among armchair energy theorists is when the source of the input energy is unidentified or unmeasured by conventional means.

    However, once we break down the concept into "identified paid-for" energy and "unpaid for "free source" energy we begin to realize that over-unity does not magically produce free energy. Many sources of energy can be considered "unpaid for" energy that can be used to generate electricity (almost magically).

    An example is Iceland's geothermal energy that, once tapped into is so vast that, in theory, it could provide all the electrical energy requirements of Europe.
    The heat energy from geothermal sources is "free" but accessing it is not free.

    The same concept applies to electrolysis of water that generates HHO or hydroxy gas. If you use the sun's rays to produce electricity to separate hydrogen gas from water, the resulting water fuel gas is "unpaid for" free energy.

    So, please, no rants about the impossibility of tapping into free energy.
    Let the fun begin as we explore sources of free electrical energy.
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