Power companies fear people will begin using this strange device to get off the grid using FREE POWER from Zero Point Energy.

My latest research report, Secrets of Using Water For Fuel, analyzes the methods researchers like Yull Brown, Henry Puharich and Stanley Meyer used to run vehicles entirely on water.

You'll also receive the plans to build a super high efficiency Water Fuel Cell that uses Orgone Water (liquid crystalline water) to produce HHO for under 100 watts.

Zorrion Energy Trust is building an integrated solar/HHO generator. The Synergy-H-O-H uses pure hydrogen to produce steam that powers a 10 kw steam engine. Learn more in my book.

Here are a few more things you'll learn when you read Secrets of Using Water For Fuel

  • Why the old-school electrical engineers are wrong about the concept of "over-unity" and how researchers are already getting 3X to 10X more energy OUT vs the paid-for input energy

  •  Why water is critical to super efficiency. A special type of water that reduces current required to make HHO by up to 83%

  •  A low cost and simple but efficient HHO cell you can  build in your home shop and the Resonating Radiant energy circuit to get best results.

  •  Why greed is powering the move to hydrogen fuel cell powered electric cars....AND, a better solution to zero pollution vehicles

  •  How to produce your own zero pollution fuel virtually for free to provide all your electric power needs OFF-THE-GRID

  • Stanley Meyer did not run his dune buggy on HHO; learn about the synthetic gas that he actually used and how it differs from HHO. Discover his closely guarded secret.

and, too much more to mention here.


I've devoted an entire chapter to show you the incredible advantages of combining a small solar array with Split Gas Hydrogen Generation using PEM (proton exchange membrane) for pure hydrogen generation.
Now, when you combine solar with pure hydrogen production, you can compress and store the hydrogen for fuel. Now, you can use it to fuel your boiler when the sun doesn't shine. You'll also learn about the incredible benefits of using a remarkable new steam engine design.
Nobody else seems to have caught onto this remarkable breakthrough in off-the-grid energy production!

If you are serious about getting off the grid, or even just would like to lower your electric and heat bills you can download a copy of Secrets of Using Water For Fuel for just $37.

Frankly, the bonus reports alone, are worth more than $37. The fact is that you could spend months and even years on energy forums and never learn about this inside information.

I'm so sure you'll be more than satisfied I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction for a full 60 days. This is cutting edge information the power utilities of this world do not want YOU to know about.

BTW, I know it is a cliche, but, if you order before leaving this page I'll also include two bonus reports. The first is a highly technical report by Tom Bearden, a renown physicist, on circuits that harness radiant energy. Frankly, you may have to read this several times to understand the theory. Nevertheless, I think you'll find it totally fascinating because it proves all current electrical theories are FALSE!

Your second bonus is my Hydrogen Healing Hydrotherapy Whitepaper. In the past few years beginning in 2007, medical researchers discovered the incredible healing power of molecular hydrogen. Get this cutting edge report now, absolutely free!

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