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Mission Statement

I couldn’t have come up with a better MISSION STATEMENT than the words of Researcher Nicholas Moller

The Atomic Hydrogen Process is 100% Clean and Safe For The Environment
When you add the fact that the hydrogen is not consumed in the “burning” process and can thus be recycled, it should become very clear to any scientist, humanist, environmentalist, business executive and indeed to every human being that is concerned about the state of our wonderful planet, that no more time should be wasted. The time has come for removing the responsibility of defining the energy policies and structures of the future from the hands of the established energy industries, and place it in the hands of men of science who will work for the preservation of the environment that sustains all life on Earth. Men who will work for the economic development of the third world by means of providing clean, abundant and inexpensive energy technologies.

Such initiative will only succeed when massively supported by the visionary captains of industry who will have the courage to dismantle the existing and scandalous energy grid which now envelopes our planet, by investing in the production and marketing of small energy generators

Generators are available with a weather proof and sound reducing enclosure.

for individual households, factories, transport etc.

Once such a generator has been acquired by the consumer, his further energy requirements will be covered for FREE, giving him independence in terms of energy as well as increased buying power for any other economic development.
Nicolas Moller