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Whitepaper: Hydrogen Use In Diesels

Water Fuel Gas Supplement Technology
New Nitroxyl Fuel Gas Supplement (not HHO) 60%-70% More MPG
I've just become the USA distributor for a unique, patented fuel supplement device called the T-2 The T-2 gets an average of 60% up to 70% more fuel mileage on big diesel trucks (or any engine). The fuel gas that I call Nitroxyl is NOT HHO; it is nine times more powerful so a very small amount goes a long way.

  • 90% lower exhaust emissions
  • Cleans engine of carbon and sludge deposits for extended engine life
  • Burns like ordinary fuel (not violent explosive force of HHO)
  • Possible to run an engine entirely on the Nitroxyl gas with only minor tuning (750 cc Kawasaki)
  • Medium duty units come with 30,000 hr or 1.2 million mile guarantee

    The fuel gas does not have any effect on emission controls so any mechanic can install it and get the huge results!
    Under our NO RISK 30 DAY TRIAL you may test the T-2 and prove to yourself that you will save at least 50% on your fuel bills.

    These units for 12 liter engines are supposed to sell for $9995 complete with WiFi controlled CCPWM to manage and control the unit remotely, while driving.

    If you order before the end of next week you will only pay $7500. I'll even pay the shipping costs!
    You should recoup that back in two or three months if you do any serious truck driving.

    Smaller T-2 fuel supplement systems are available for pickup trucks and delivery trucks.
    For example, a unit for a V-6 pick up truck is $1500
    A unit for a V-8 pickup truck is $3995.
    Also, much larger units for up to 21 liter engines and 1000 horse power gensets are available.
    The units are not in stock but must be built and shipped from Europe. 45 days is the time frame needed prior to shipping to you.

    The company has three pending power plant projects of 2 mw and larger. Just waiting on final environmental permits to be issued before building these power plants in Bulgaria, Crete and Greece. I believe construction will begin in about 45 days. Give me a call at 207-315-0315 if you want all the details.
    Or, SKYPE: trafficmaster
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    Why Choose Nitroxyl Fuel Gas Supplementation?

    Internal combustion engines waste approximately 76% of combustion energy as heat and friction. Liquid fuels like diesel never completely burn in the combustion chamber. Instead, unburned fuel is uselessly burned in your vehicle’s catalytic converter to try and avoid polluting the atmosphere. New exhaust emissions standards are robbing truck engines of both power and fuel efficiency.

    When Nitroxyl fuel gas is burned in an engine correctly fuel mileage can almost double while exhaust emissions plummet to a fraction of today’s most stringent environmental or EPA standards for air quality.

    Hydrogen is the only fuel that doesn’t pollute and is endlessly renewable since it returns to water vapor after it ignites in your engine.